New here with a question

Hi - This is only my 2nd week on Zwift and I’m still learning how everything works. So please forgive me if this is stupid question. Today I did a ride in London. I originally chose Greater London Flat but apparently somewhere along the way I chose a different turn and ended up on London Loop. At least that’s what I thought it was at the time. When I was done, and nearly dead from the climb, I looked at my data on Strava and it says I did London Loop Reverse 1 lap and Fox Hill KOM. I know the Fox Hill part is right because it said so during the ride. However, when I look those routes up it says Fox Hill is only on London Loop Reverse which is a route that is both Event Only and for Level 10+. I didn’t sign up for an event and I’m only Level 6. How did that happen or is it wrong? Did I do something wrong? Does the program not prevent you from being on a route you aren’t supposed to be on? Hopefully I’m not going to end up in Zwift jail :-).

Thanks for any feedback.

London Loop Reverse is an Event-only route, as you say. Though it doesn’t have a level requirement.

It sounds like you did at least one manual turn, maybe more.

No, you didn’t do anything wrong. You can ride all sorts of ways through manual turns, although that wouldn’t let you through a barrier which is level-locked.

Event-only routes are just routes that are only able to be picked by event organisers. The vast majority are selectable through manual turns (possibly quite a lot of manual turns) like you did. Some though are totally inaccessible outside of an event (e.g. Bologna).

Thanks for the info! I assumed event only routes would be off limits when not in an event. I need to be more careful with the manual turns. I didn’t sign up for a big (for me) climb today :grin: