What is the worst Zwift World, and why is it New York?

OK @Dan_Dube, you’re actually selling me on NYC now! I’m relatively new to Zwift and generally just badge hunting but I do love rolling terrain like Titan’s Grove… I guess I need to give NYC’s surface routes more of a chance and avoid the elevated sections.

Agreed here.

NY is my least favorite world too.

  1. Annoying spiky terrain devoid of flat options.
  2. Small.
  3. A bit of a fail on what could have been done. As many have said, riding over the bridges taking in the real skyline would have been epic.
  4. Of all the cities in the world, someone thought NY was the one that needed a visual upgrade… clearly, that person needs to travel a bit more.

I do commend the attempt at the sci-fi element. It was a fun idea. If excecated on superior terrain it would likely be much more popular.

Personally, if I was re-doing it. I’d bin the sky rd entirely or make it a lap of the whole island. Even more fun, run the imaginary road low on the water, like the ferry around the island and do a lap of the Statue of Liberty. Then, add in times square and other famous spots.

If you really do want make believe. Let us ride to the top of the Empire State Building. Boom. You can have that for free :grin:


I guess it would be more interesting in real life. It’s just that on zwift, long straight roads don’t really do it for me. It just seems to me that both Yorkshire and Richmond are only on there because some world championships or other were there once. Maybe if I’d watched it on Eurosport or wherever it was I’d have been a bit more excited about either or both of these zwift worlds.

The Richmond full race is on Youtube…at the very least watch the last lap which shows Sagan at his finest. Yorkshire has highlights on youtube…one video is the last 12 KM…or the last 33 KM in French.

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thanks for the suggestion – i just watched the last 5k, and it was pretty awesome to know where on the course everything was happening! and when sagan came around that last bend and still had 600m to go – i’ve been there, man. i’ve felt that. it HURTS!

Was not a fan of NY until I did the Gotham Grind Reverse route, totally changed my opinion about NY. The downside is that it is event only. Such a shame that a really great route is not available to free ride.

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New york is great fun for racing, not so much free riding as Watopia is really the best but i think each world has it’s good and bad points and the main thing i look for is variation. Other than watopia i just don’t want to repeat the same course too much.


Are French Kilometres shorter?

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Exactly my question!

fwiw, the Astoria Line8 route is pretty similar


Thank you, worth knowing, will give it a go.

fyi, not sure a reverse on this route is available though.

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Using Zwift Pref app, it is possible to choose any world anytime as well as any route.
Zwift map app is a nice scalable map overlay to help learn the world’s and routes.
I suggest this because Gotham Grinder is a very simple figure 8 route with just a few turns.

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Good call, be a good challenge to navigate around.

Astoria 8 is the same as Gotham Grind reverse except it includes the Harlem Hill loop (the wrong way) so there’s just the one manual turn per lap: turn left instead of right at the end of the baseball fields transverse road.


Haven’t explored New York much, but I did do the Everything Bagel yesterday, and I concur with most folks that there just really isn’t much going on. The surface road is nice with a few rolling sections and turns, but the sky roads can meet a wrecking ball. The arbitrary steep sections are needless, and that KOM is awful with numerous 10-16% sections so close together. With so many routes of redundancy, once I complete the badges, I don’t have any inclination to return.

France is also on my “Get it over with…” list. Fewer roads, which go on forever with minimal gradient changes (can’t speak for the balloon fields road, as I haven’t ridden there yet) aside from the aqueduct and Petit KOM, and the map basically only has two loops to ride which leads to six routes of redundancy. Unless you ride Ventoux, which by all accounts is a horrible, masochistic slog of a venture from any source if read. And for the map overall, the scenery hardly ever significantly changes much. Just bleh.

At least it’s sunny in France.

On Tuesday morning I was sat in the pen in Watopia waiting for the race to start, rain hammering down and sky black as night, just like it was outdoors. No-one needs that in a fantasy world!

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I did the Astoria 8 and I can say thank you for the recommendation, a real nice route.

NY isn’t so bad after all.


This should actually be added as a running route in Zwift, when paired with a StairMaster!


By far, the worst world is now Makuri Islands. Half of it is Neokyo, which might have some appeal to the nocturnal, but I find the ever-present darkness to be depressing. Out in the daylight, there is way too much dirt. And, of course, the frame rate is appallingly low throughout!