New York

I just want to register with Zwift how much I don’t like the New York scenario…and it always seems to be one running. It’s inspiring me to ride outside and leave zwift.

if you don’t like NY, you can ride and enjoy Watopia world (as it’s always available) …


:+1: thanks

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I would rather ride Richmond than New York. In fact I’d rather stick pins in my eyes then ride New York. Only found out myself yesterday that Watopia can be rde everyday. Good call by Zwift.

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To each their own. I love New York. All the elevation changes, rolling roads. Makes for a great workout. I think heading up to the sky loop is great and if you ride in reverse, it’s rarely crowded.

I agree, I prefer Richmond! I find NY claustrophobic and confusing. It could be rescued by extending it out to a countryside/mountain section like London but until that happens I’ll avoid it.
Watopia is everyone’s favourite because it is fun and escapist. Even on the flat areas you can see soaring snowcapped mountain in the distance and the mountain routes and the jungle are fantastic. Why ride round a park in the centre of a city?

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