New York: A Month Later 🏙 (Poll Inside)

(Vincent W.) #1

You all shared your opinions in the last topic How's New York? 🏙 and answers ranged from ecstatic approval to detailed criticism (and everything in between).

Now that it’s been officially a month (!) since New York was released, have your thoughts changed at all?

  • Still loving New York!
  • I like it but it can be significantly improved.
  • It’s ok. Meh.
  • I don’t really like it as much as the other maps.
  • I don’t want to ride/run in New York if I can help it.

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(Vincent W.) #2

(Nigel Doyle) #3

Would have been interesting to have done a poll on Innsbruck a month after its launch. I’m enjoying New York a month on but after a couple of rides on Innsbruck found it pretty boring as there wasn’t much choice in what you did.

(Fez Rockbottom) #4

I am actually enjoying NYCP more than when it first arrived.I think I was jarred from not expecting what we got initially, but after riding most of the courses and experiencing a few events there are some really fun tactically devised routes that challenge you even on the finish. It would be a shame to have talented designers and artists not feel comfortable pushing the boundaries of course design and a variable visual aesthetic that can add some much valued variety.

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #5

That was a hard pole, I was torn between Loving it and not as much as other maps. I would say I like it and it is fun to ride, Love may be a bit strong but we are still getting to know the map so give it time.

(Heavy Metal Maniac) #6

As long as there are no flat routes in NYC, I can only choose pure hate.

(Leon Evans[Cardiff Ajax]) #7

I’ve mentioned this in the map switching threads but:

make ALL the maps boroughs/towns/islands of Watopia so you only have one single unified world that you can ride anywhere you like.

that way you can make endless varieties of courses that can take in part or all of the routes/worlds and make for much more variety in a single ride.

(Andreas Grønneng Hjelme) #8

I would like to se an expansion trough some of the city. Show us some of the famous locations. The Statue of Liberty is not far from Central Park, how about a futuristic bridge to Liberty Island?

(Jonathan Wass [Hammers]) #9

I don’t understand why New York was released without World Switching in place. I like the map, but the Park Perimeter Loop roads are significantly over crowded. Riding the raised roadways are a bit better, but then you constantly have to be riding the hills. I feel that Zwift made a misstep by releasing this course without World Switching.

(Mark Kidd (C)) #10

NYC was designed to be a pure racing course, wasn’t it?

(Bhaltair Gruamach) #11

I don’t love the glass skyways. Let us ride the streets.

Given that I see avatars indicating that they will be turning into road blocks, I anticipate this is coming…

(Marc Simkin) #12

I would love to see a ride that starts at the Central Park Boathouse and heads up to the George Washing Bridge. Go over the bridge and then down into the Palisades Interstate Park. Ride the Park roads until the Alpine Ranger Station, and then back along Route 9W, back over the bridge and back to Central Park.

(David Griscom YCW) #13

I am not even sure why there are elevated roads, when the world has flying cars:grin:

(Jason Mack) #14

Expand the map to include streets, with traffic, pedestrians crossing roads, and have a bike messenger quest. Not solely about FTP, choose different routes to get their fastest, pay attention to alerts about traffic and construction, solo or as part of teams. Have fixies, messenger bags and kit. Monthly winners make it into a Zwift Brooklyn Red Hook Crit.

That’s such a good idea I just dropped the mic

(Godmother Fox) #15

cos they are beautiful … aren’t they ? :slight_smile:

(Paul Robertson #16

I was expecting to ride the streets in amongst taxis and not just be constrained to central park

(Rich Webber (DIRT)) #17

I find it very overcrowded TBH, i like the park, but not to sure on the see through roads at the moment. Somedays its sooo laggy but I guess thats my connection, I dont, however, suffer on the other maps. i am a newbie though!!

(Andy Scott) #18

desperately needs a flat route to support those following specific training plans

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #19

@Andy_Scott: In workout mode elevation/grade does not play a role your resistance get determined by the workout segments , you do go slower going up but for training purpose that does not have any bearing.

@ if you have a long easy session to do then you can create a hour or three hour easy workout and do any route.

(Heavy Metal Maniac) #20

For me it’s actually deeply demotivating, when I am doing a workout and look at my avatar and he is moving at 3 km/h because he is currently on some extreme slope, so for that reason alone, I prefer to do workouts on more normal terrain.