Epic KOM banner (re)placement

If you ride the epic kom reverse AND the radio tower, then you are not rewarded a time for the climb
You only get this if you skip the radio tower, which is quite frustrating and not rewarding the extra effort.

It is because in reverse the banner is after the radio tower bypass.

Can this be changed by one of these options:

  1. Replace the banner such that it is passed from both sites, no matter it you tackle radio tower or not
    (Place it at the bypass)
    2 Add a 2nd banner for reverse Kom before the bypass.

It has been that way for years.
I don’t expect it to change.

What about this: do the reverse KOM all the way to the banner, so you get the time, make a quick u-turn and go back to do the radio tower climb. Not elegant, to be sure, but gets you the time on the reverse KOM, plus the extra to the radio tower, without too much extra effort.


There’s plenty of strava segments that end before the radio tower climb turn off, you can use one of those to measure your time after your ride is finished.

In fact there’s at least one Strava segment based on doing the Epic reverse, passing the banner, then doing a U-turn and going up the Radio Tower climb. I tried that once and did my U-turn a good 5-10 seconds after passing the banner, yet still matched the segment, so there’s a fair bit of leeway there; you don’t have to turn exactly on the spot.

I never thought about this, until a friend made the comment.

It will be nice if Zwift add another small section of road so that you have to pass the KOM banner before you can go up.


I like this idea - or it could be like the turn arounds on the desert flat routes