Thanks Zwift for Robbing Me of Another QOM!

It would be nice if you select a route that you can stay on it until YOU choose rather that Zwift automatically switching for you! This is the third time that I remember but I’m sure there have been more that I was taken off route at seconds before another QOM that I worked my ass off for!!! Why would I want to reroute to a bonus climb when I haven’t even crossed the finish yet? Poor design and so frustrating when your time just …poof…magically disappears!!!..I know it’s a game but man talk about taking the air out of the sails😢

Assuming it’s always the same QOM you’re talking about, you should be aware that it will happen by now. If you’ve selected a route that goes up the radio tower, it will do that every time. Unless you’re in an event, you’ll see the turn indicator come up - you can choose to go straight on and complete the QOM climb.

It is an irritation, I agree. There could be a separate banner for the Reverse Epic QOM, and TBH I think the default should always be to avoid the Radio Tower climb in both directions.

But it’s easily avoided.

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I think both routes in reverse, the Mountain and the Mountain 8 will go up the radio tower or ‘bonus climb’ unless you choose the turn option to go straight. The best option may be to choose the jungle route, go down to the bottom of the climb ( a u-turn and a left turn) and at the bottom, make a u-turn and head up the reverse climb manually.

When you select the route it clearly shows you that it will include the radio tower. So, I don’t think Zwift robbed you of anything, as much as you sabotaged yourself. As mentioned above, you can manually select to continue straight until you reach the K/QOM banner. Zwift kept you on the route you chose, so you can’t blame Zwift.


The problem is zwift knows what route you are on, it knows that it is going to swing you off just before the finish banner. Yet it displays your time and leaderboard and estimated finishing time/position. It’s really a very well executed troll.


Okay okay so shame on me for not paying attention or remembering…and as I have been told by coaches and commanders alike there are no excuses…I just needed to vent especially when it’s crushing your own PR…Thanks for responding, listening… and setting me straight but no guarantees it won’t happen again…TBI you know?!..peace and happy riding…it’s all good :blush:…Plus I am still trying to figure it all out. I may have dropped a lot of drops in my sweat bank but I am still very new to Zwift. I am now just venturing into group rides, races and Zwiftpower which I have no idea what it all means but it’s fun …and that’s the point of it? ride on!


The way I look at it is this is a video game as much as it’s an outdoor riding simulation, or more so, and part of the game is learning tricks to score points. The navigation in Zwift is obviously kludgy, and it is strange that once you start the radio QOM, even a rapid U-turn after one second will disqualify you from reverse epic, but it’s not Strava (which does segment matches based on arbitrary navigation).

It’s also fun to figure out which KOM/QOMs are low-hanging fruit because they’re not commonly attempted, like to some degree reverse epic (which is part of Pretzel but, AFAIK, nothing shorter).

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So I just finished a training workout and low and behold the course ended up being the very same climb with the epic QOM that I complained about. When the orange bonus climb square appeared I pressed it and …wait for it…I miraculously continued on the path to a QOM…so it appears with a little help from fellow Zwifters an old pup can learn new tricks…LOL! Thank you and happy riding.


a related question,

i’m a video editor and often have to correct the commentators KOM to QOM for broadcasts of women’s races.

If your logged in as a woman, does zwift change the KOM to QOM, with separated results?

So in this case, the age old software excuse “It’s not a bug, it’s a feature” is spot on :slight_smile: