Mountain 8, Ride Progress Bar, Bonus Climb

I search the forums but wasn’t able to find anything specific; I also posted on Zwift Insider:

Today I intended to grab the Mountain 8 badge and just saw Eric’s, “Helpful note: before you destroy yourself chasing a Strava PR on the reverse Epic KOM, be warned: this route turns you onto the radio tower “bonus climb” before the Epic KOM banner….”

After I made the turn up towards the tower, I noticed my my “route distance traveled” bar at the top of the screen disappeared about half-way to the tower. Does that usually happen on this route? Unfortunately, I ended the ride at that point since I had to head to work.

Two questions: 1) when I ride the route again, should I just keep going even though the bar disappears (if it does again) and 2) if you skip the “bonus climb” do you still get the route badge if you complete the rest? Thanks.

  1. Probably. Not sure if this is a “normal” glitch on this route.
  2. No, you definitely won’t get the badge if you skip that bit.

Thanks @Steve_Hammatt, I appreciate the feedback.