New Route Development

(Adam McMurry) #1


I much appreciate the work by the Zwift team developing new routes, but the focus appears to be almost entirely on creating / recreating epic climbs. The issue as I see it is that although the climbs are neat to have and especially appreciated by experienced riders, the flat routes are now overcrowded. So people talk about the climbs or ride them once or twice, but for the most part, still overwhelmingly regularly ride the flat routes.

Just a bump or a suggestion to consider new flat (or flater) routes to alleviate the crowding where most of the customers ride. 

(E ddy Slow) #2

So you base ‘the focus appears to be almost entirely creating / recreating epic climbs’ on the recent appearance of one epic climb? Or something else?

(Jim Pirzyk) #3

I will say the flat roues are getting overcrowded and regardless of the submitter’s reasoning having more courses will be appreciated.  Some courses (aka Richmond) do not allow you to do u-turns to find a less used course.