No more flats

No more flats please. We have enough of them.

There are hardly any long flat routes on any of the courses, the longest one I believe is the Greatest London Flat route and that can be done in about 40 minutes. Anyone who wants to do just flat routes ends up doing the same loop multiple times per hour. The vocal minority climbers keep getting the climbs, so why can’t the people who want the flats get what they want.

There needs to be something for everyone and right now it’s tilted toward the users that have requested climbs.


More of all is needed really. More flats, more rolling terrain, more hills, mountains, etc. And preferebally added to the existing maps with option for riders to predefine the turns that will be taken. That way being able to make lengthy rides with terrain pickings of our liking. Watopia is nice, but definitely can use quite a bit of expansion still.