New Route - Alpe Du Zwift - Solo

Now that the Jungle / Road to the Ruins Routes are all but “Ruined” for me due to the severe loss of speed on a road bike, I would like to see an Alpe Du Zwift Route that just starts at the bottom of the Mountain.

Once I Procure a MTB bike the gravel based routes will be quicker, but to be honest, the idea of switching bikes between areas I find cumbersome.

I would personally like to see these changes be optional and selectable in settings as it has rendered all my previous training data on these routes moot.

Thanks for all the hard work Zwift, though there are aspects of this update I have not enjoyed, as a developer myself I know well how much goes into a roll-out, and have thoroughly enjoyed this resource and community… 25 lbs lighter than 6 months ago!

Thanks for listening,

Congrats on your fitness. Was the Alp a part of it or workouts on the Alp route? I think the scenery is brilliant and I never get bored over the hour or more riding it. I start at the jungle. It is mostly downhill for a few minutes, so I just make that my warm-up period. When I hit the base of the Alp, I’m mostly good to go.

Thanks and Yes! I love the Alpe… now, lol. I’ve been in decent cycling shape for the last 3 years after getting back into it. I was an avid cyclist most of my life. I moved up to the North Dakotan oil patch several years ago, and the road traffic here can be dangerous. They constructed a brilliant bypass next to our subdivision but increased the speed limit from 55 to 65, which made a huge difference in how safe I felt out there. Zwift allows me to train indoors now… and in the -40 F ambient temps we are soon to see again :). I still don’t get the same level of overall workout as riding outdoors… I think there are many core muscle groups that somewhat get left out being stationary.

I usually use the Jungle Route for the Warm up as well, but the speed change really is frustrating, and very noticeable, at least on my Wahoo Kickr.