Different road surfaces; different efforts?

I’ve been off Zwift for about a year due to some personal issues. Prior to then, I used it regularly for training purposes. Has there been some enhancements to the system to reflect more realistic efforts for the different road surfaces? I did the Ride to Ruins on Watopia last night and it seemed that my speed would change for the same general watts output when the road surface changed. Lot slower on the unpaved sections. When I finished, my time was about 20 minutes slower for the ride compared to when I last did this ride back in December 2018. Watts were a little lower, but only about 8 less, which wouldn’t equate to that much time. Just curious. Anybody have any idea?

Yes, they made change to that portion of the course to reflect dirt rather than asphalt. There are some complaints about it, and some folks don’t seem to mind.

If you switch to a mountain bike when you hit the dirt portion, you’re bound to go faster…that seems to be the fix for folks who still like to ride it, but others have given up on it for good.

Aaand others can chime in now…

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