Speed variations

I wanted to check if I have a potential problem with Zwift or to get an explanation.

When riding on the flat sections I get different speed readings for similar power. So at times I will be riding at between 175 and 225 watts and struggling to get up to 23kph. On other flat sections I will be doing between 150 and 175 watts and easily pushing along at 35kph.

Something just doesn’t feel right

HI @Chris_Mclean, welcome to the Zwift forums.

I depend on where you ride, different road surfaces has different rolling resistance, so if you are on the gravel/dirt sections you need to produce more power for the same speed.

Ahh, ok that could be it. Send strange as I haven’t really noticed this much difference before and I’ve been on Zwift for two years…

It changed in the October 2019 update. It added a new dimension to the various routes.

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Perfect. Thanks

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