(Poul Krarup) #1

I have paired my BKOOL to zwift an so fare so good. But my speed is realy slow. Everybody is overtaking me, and that in NOT very motivating. If speed was just slow generaly for everybody it would be ok.

when dooing 30 kph on the BKOOL I wil do about 22 on zwift.

(Erik Nekkers [Team X]) #2

How many watts are you doing? It’s not about the speed of the trainer, but about the power you are producing.

(Poul Krarup) #3

I’m dooing about 210-220 in avg. Over 1/2 an hour.

(Erik Nekkers [Team X]) #4

Depending on your weight that isn’t too bad and you should go over 30 on the flats with those watts. Strange you are just doing 20, you sure the watts are right in Zwift?

(Stuart Davis) #5

Check the watts/kilo figure next to your name in the rider list on the right. You should roughly be seeing between 3-5 for a medium to tempo effort.

(Poul Krarup) #6

I got an extention cabel to USB, so that ANT is rights next to the BKOOL. I heard that it could be the problem. Haven’t had time to try it out yet.

(Kenneth Schoerring) #7

Any updates on this issue ?