Bkool and zwift


Dont know if someone can help me but everytime i use my Bkool smart Trainer with Zwift my wattage output is through the roof and quite embarrassing really

i’m not even pedalling hard and i’m doing 350 watts, whats the solution please

I had the same problem. sometimes the opposite: top much resistance. I tried several times. I Heard It was a problem wirh the firmware with the bluetooth connection. At the end I sold the Bkool and bought anche Elito…much better

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I checked your account and noticed you have paired your Bkool trainer through Bluetooth as a Power Source and Controllable through ANT+. Bkool trainers are actually not currently compatible with Zwift over Bluetooth and also require an ANT+ FE-C protocol update, so you may want to give the steps in this article a try. I also noticed an old pairing in your account that may be causing some issues. To fix that, just delete your prefs.xml and knowndevices.xml files from your Documents > Zwift folder. I hope this information helps! :slight_smile:

hi Abigail

i have tried everything in your reply and unfortunately its still the same, i’m doing 350 watts on Zwift at 15 mph
any other ideas as its driving me nuts and making Zwift use a non starter which is disappointing for your brand

Hi Paul, I’m sorry to hear those didn’t work, but I’m confident our support team can figure this out! For further troubleshooting suggestions please contact support. That way we can analyze your log files. Thanks!

If you figure it out please post back here.