Resistance problem with Bkool & Zwift

Resistance problem with bkool and zwift. I can’t pedal at over 20 watts, same problem with computer and phone app. Any help?

What bkool trainer do you use. How do you pare it to your computer Ant+ or Bluetooth?

Bkool smart pro 2 with ant+ connection

Did you do a trainer calibration?

You should pair it as power source as well as controlable, using the option that has FE-c

Hi Jari

I have the same problem, my FTP is 230, but at a Bkool Go trainer I can’t pedal over 80 watts, Did you find a solution ? Thank you

Hey Octavio!
There was a mechanical fault in my trainer. It was first tried to fix it remotely, but it didn’t work. My trainer went to Spain for repair, now everything is ok

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Thank you

But I think I have a different issue, because my Bkool works fine with the Bkool App, only at Zwift have problemas