Bkool smart pro resistance issue

I have issues with the resistance on zwift with my bkool smart pro, and been doing the tour de Zwift and been entering the races in cat D and killing it hitting the front at over 450w and holding 300w+ and winning 3 out of 4 races, now my ftp on bkool was 212 now all of a sudden on zwift I’m at 356ftp… This can’t be right, if I just ride or do a route then it feels more normal or like it is on the BKool app I have the correct upto date firmware on my trainer, unable to calibrate the trainer via the pairing page as there is no wrench displayed, in the settings page I have left the resistance slider to default… Something is wrong can you please help don’t want to go back to the bkool app Cheers Richard

When this happen try to stop, wait till watts drops to zero, unplug the trainer, wait 10sec then plug back in, wait 2sec, ride.
It happen to me once during a race and it helped. I lost some time but still finished the race.

Holding 300w+ in group D? Great effort but no wonder Zwift moved your FTP to 356. If you are winning 3 out of 4 races, I’d say it was time to move on move up a group.