BKool Pro Problems?


When I am riding on the flat in Zwift I cannot generate any real power no matter how heard I go.  Its almost impossible to get over 100 watts and I’m unable to keep up with anyone!

Then when I get to the uphill sections, the resistance increases and I’m showing 200+ watts and passing people who overtook me on the flat.

I have been using ERG mode with workouts an that seemed to be OK until the last session. The power outputs were jumping around within +/- 40 watts of the target setting even though my effort was pretty constant.

Does this sound like a problem with the Bkool trainer?

Any thoughts much appreciated


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Hi, just bought a BKOOL Pro Smart hometrainer and I have exactly the same problem. Zwift is showing more than 20% less watt, then when I’m using other hometrainers.


Same issue to me. Plus another weird behaviour. On tuesdayI was reaching quite easy 400w, for one moment 700. Suddenly the resistance increased and I was just producing 220. Today, at the resistance event for 72Km, no more than 201w as average. Using a BKool Pro device, also.

Same! I have a bkool smart pro 1 trainer upgraded to FeC etc but still I reckon my wattage is almost 1/2 of what it should be. Eg big ring and middle of the cassette yet 160-180w?? Very rubbish and annoying…will have to cancel my menrshil



I tested Zwift for the first time yesterday, using bkool pro 2 and the power is very low for what I do in bkool and outside with stages or quarq. I can say the difference is about 50W less. Is any way we can calibrate or something?

I’ve had 4 sessions with my new BKool Pro 2 and I’m struggling to maintain an average of more than 100W.  I’m by no means the fittest rider around but after 30 mins of riding I was shattered from putting in so much effort just to stay over 100W.  Even then I was being left for dead by every other rider!  The power I’m putting in I know is much greater in the real world than is being shown on Zwift.  I was excited about the whole set up but I’m now left disappointed by the experience and less motivated than before.

I have fixed my problem just putting my rear wheel to 8bar, with less the power was not correct.

Not sure what you mean by putting your rear wheel to 8bar.  Is that the pressure you used or the brand of tyre called 8bar?

Use 8bar pressure. Of course it have to be one road bike tire that allow 8bar. Test it and see if is better.

Thanks.  Will give it a go.