Integrate epic climbes like Alpe D'Huez (maybe other name if necessary)

Make sure you vote up the existing request also:

Just so you know, most of the miles being done on Zwift are on the flat routes and the big climbs are not used nearly as much.

Paul. I see the same response to all feature requests regarding new climbs. I don’t know if you’re part of the official support team, but the absence of an ID tag suggests not.

The search request part is fine. I take issue somewhat with the second part. It suggests an agenda which isn’t particularly useful.

Most rides are on the flat routes granted, but there are a number of contributory reasons. The main spawn point is on them, and they are part of smaller circuits, which are more useful for solo/group rides which are time dependent.

Both the Mountain and Jungle routes take a fair amount of time to get there - or did for the Jungle one before the spawn change. And the loop lengths are significantly longer. The lower usage is due in no small part to these not just due to the terrain.

I’d be interested to see the stats on Jungle usage pre 01/08 update after the initial novelty wore off. I’m pretty certain usage would have been a lot lower than the “flatter routes”…

In the end Watopia will have to expand to suit all cycling tastes and inclinations if it’s going to compete with other upcoming apps, and that means more climbs & varied terrain.

Whether you like that or not isn’t really relevant.


I never stated whether I liked it or not, I just stated some facts.

And, no I don’t work for Zwift.

The spawn point change helps a lot.  You can pick a Jungle route, and then do an immediate U-turn.  That puts you on the Epic KOM climb 2 minutes into the session.