A pass over the Alp to a new area

Who prefers a bigger watopia over a new world? If so, then vote.
The route beyond the Alp can also be reached as starting point of your ride.

Requests for new roads and specifically more mountain climbs are quite common. I expect Zwift have plans for more expansion on Watopia. It seems to get most (almost all) of the extra roads.

Check out this thread for suggestions:

You mean like this? It would be great if there were a couple climbs for each of the UCI categorizations: unranked, cat. 4, 3, 2, 1, HC. https://www.sportivecyclist.com/strava-mapmyride-cycling-climb-categories/


That looks amazing, i am really waiting for more bigger climbs like the alp…
3 different ways up the alp looks great

Updated version with the desert.