Watopia Long Coastal Road

Now Watopia is always available is it time to add some additional roads for all that bike traffic for those wanting to get away from it all?

I remember seeing a map with a coastal road in Watopia, but can’t find it at the moment.

I would love one that followed the coast around the Alpe du zwift mountain and joined up with the jungle or even further a field… , one with not too many ramps, mainly flat, maybe even another classic climb on the back end of the ADZ mountain in time?

Do hope something is in the pipeline…Please do vote if you want Zwift to apply for planning permission and we might get some more tarmac laying on Watopia island…

It might be in this thread: Future Courses/ Islands

But it needs to be entirely flat, no climbs.

Here is the one about creating your own route: Create own custom route and follow them