Add more alps like Alpe du Zwift

I love cycling in the french alps and Alp du Zwift was therefore for me the best addition to Watopia. It would be great if more climbs like that where added. You could for example add the col du telegraph/col du galibier, col de la madaleine or the col du glandon. If those climbs are to long you could also consider adding shorter climbs like the Mont cenis. When those climbs could be added to Watopia you can combine them if you want.

Or the Stilfser Joch (Passo di Stelvio) or the Timmelsjoch or the Jaufenpass or the Jochpass or the Fernpass. Maybe the Hanntennjochpass? :smiley:
There are so many awesome places in real world, Zwift can’t create everything in Watopia.

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I recommend throwing your support behind existing threads that ask for more mountains.

For example:

And in this thread: