Sister Mountain to Alpe du Zwift

The only real Mountain on Zwift is Alpe du Zwift.

I would love to see a Sister Mountain to it or even an entire Mountain world. That would be awesome.

I couldn’t agree more. I wonder if they have usage statistics to see how many users ride up alpe du zwift weekly/monthly?

Zwifters have certainly expressed their delight for Alpe du Zwift, we’re aware of that haha. Taking note of your request. :) 

So , Andre, have you done a double Alp yet? What about Four Horsemen? Pretzel?

If so, how many others do you feel would ride two big mountains?

The good thing about the Epic is you can climb both sides and challenge yourself on total times. But, it is rare to see anyone doing that.

i would love to see the alp continued on as part of a much larger loop with the backside being longer and not as steep for more variety


Or add a different route up the Alpe… maybe a longer but less steep climb to the top (like a Stelvio or Gavia).

I’d love to see more mountains. This is one of the best features of Zwift as it allows me to train for rides in the mountains without living close to any.

I’ve done epic KOM + radio tower + 2 * Aple du Zwift in a ride, so more mountains would be awesome.

If a other moutain must be add, a profile of a real pass like Huez, Ventoux, Stelvio or other is really more fun. 

Bump and +1 another long climb would be great! Around 40 minutes at race pace or an hour for the average joe just rolling around. I think something along the lines of the top half of Mount Evans, a mythical climb from a grand tour, any of the ‘unknown’ climbs in different part of the world (i.e. something like the climbs around Medellín, Colombia, climbing out of Lake Kivu in Rwanda, or other great rides that I have yet to explore).