March 29th One Year Alp-iversary

I was hoping Zwift could furnish some Alp rides and races for everyone to ride the Alp and have a chance to win the Meilenstein wheels. I love the Alp du Zwift. It is often my ‘go-to’ for workouts. I love the scenery and the snow and the long ride back to the bottom. Show up and show your love. Bring your buffalo bike if you dare.

Maybe Zwift will release the long awaited Watopia flat expansion on the “Alp-iversary” :joy:


Come on. Isn’t it worth celebrating?

I think so. I also really like AdZ. I’ve only done it a half-dozen times, but it’s always a solid workout getting to the top. I also like the turn-by-turn splits and, like you, the scenery.

But… I think my favorite thing about the Alpe is how easy (and short) the ‘Epic KOM’ climb feels by comparison! :smiley:

I’d like to ride it on the anniversary, but it’s not likely to happen. I’m about 90% sure the belt on my Direto went yesterday (not snapped, but damaged). I’ve got to take the cover off tonight and make a video for Elite support to review… (blah)