Thing u love about Zwift!

I’ve seen a lot of complaining about Zwift so I know some of u love it right? Well, that is if “most” of u do post here what’s your favorite thing about Zwift! Mine is probably How Zwift is so realistic! It makes u feel like your actually there! :blush:



Don’t take me seriously sometimes I’m crazy” (from your profile…)



No cars, no pedestrians, no red lights, no bad weather, no flats, no running out of daylight, you can safely listen to music while riding.
You can ride for any length of time without having to find a route that fits IRL. You can have a decent workout in 30mins.

Well, technically you can have all that with a stationary trainer just staring at the wall but the scenic routes and hills make for nice variation.


Lol, it is true. :joy: Is that’s what’s funny to u? :yum:

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YES! No red lights! :joy:


Funny 'cause some people will insist on balancing criticism, no matter what. But sometimes, criticisms is warranted.

Some will insist on making fun of everything… but not everything is.

“Love” Zwift? Zwift is a tool I pay to use. I expect certain value in return.

Zwift value has (for me, at least…) been in constant decline over a long period now. Not to the point of being unworthy of my subscription, but certainly going there.

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I like the way it is available 24/7, this makes it way more family friendly.

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  • The pain on the Alp :grin:

  • When there’s a good group chat going on at the Alp :grinning:

  • And cheering at the riders attempting a vEverest on the Alp :+1:

Yes I’m addicted to the Alp :wink:



Aww I love that! :wink: Yes the pain is one of the best parts LOL

Yes it’s easier cuz u don’t have to go Bike outside and get run into by a car and die! :expressionless: That’s why I also love Zwift lol.


I like that workouts give more xp than freeriding :smiley: (“proper” difficulty), since I’m currently doing a workout plan.

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Workout plans are a lot of fun. :crazy_face: Yeah it’s nice with all the XP :wink:

When you sit on your bike turn on the screen and everything connects power hr cadence your race/workout loads and it ALL works :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:phew!!

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Yeah, it’s very annoying when nothing pairs lol

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What I love about Zwift…

  • No sunscreen needed
  • No crashes/injuries
  • No cars/traffic
  • No driving to group meetup spot
  • Limited bike cleanings
  • No flat tires
  • No bike helmet necessary
  • No bike maintenance (brakes/tires)
  • No potholes to dodge
  • No bad weather (rain/snow)
  • No air pollution
  • No animals to dodge
  • Always perfect temperature (house AC)
  • Always a bathroom nearby
  • Always water available
  • No need to pack/carry bike toolkit
  • Better scenery (at least compared to where I live)
  • No bug bites, infectious diseases
  • Can’t get lost. No need for GPS.
  • Can always quit when tired
  • Easy to eat on a trainer
  • No need to announce when passing
  • Chat easily with entire group
  • No need to point out road hazards on group rides
  • No slowing down for horses
  • For Epic rides, no camping involved
  • No red lights or stop signs

Think that covers it.


I like the fact that there is a large community putting on events and races and coming up with new and interesting ways to use Zwift. If it wasn’t for that community I would have left Zwift years ago.


Yes! With the bathroom near it is always nice! :joy: Sometimes u drink to much water on the bike and there u go :scream::upside_down_face: Also with the eating :+1: I Love eating! I’m sure u guys do to. I’m always hungry after I even eat a big meal! BUT ANYWAY! These are great :+1: thanks for sharing @dcyclist :blush:

The community is very nice isn’t it? :upside_down_face:

I like to see the “Roadrunner” on the desert flats routes.
I think Zwift should have added a UFO there as well.

Did you see the monolith that they added last week? I wasn’t ever able to find it in the desert but saw Zwift tweet about it.