Praise zwift

Hi all
I spend a lot of time sitting on my butt in a tractor farming, up to 18 hour days when busy. And there’s nothing better than jumping on the bike or running using zwift. Even to just grab a cheeky 30 minute blast to get the heart rate up and burn some calories. Yes this is a suck up to all the staff that make this happen. I’ve never had a problem connecting, it’s always fun and challenging, and keeps getting updated making it better and better. THANK YOU PEOPLE you rock.

Great post Al.

I concur with your sentiments.


Agreed. Without Zwift I would have gone mad last year with my accident and I was able to safely rebuild some kind of fitness

When you are very fit and then suddenly go to being badly injured and not able to do what you love or any of the things you normally did it’s a pretty big change, so Zwift and a Kickr Bike was a godsend.

Zwift because it is fun and the Kickr Bike because it’s so easy to adjust the height of it so I could lift my bad leg over the top of the bike which isn’t possible with a normal bicycle.

A bit over a year later I’m riding a real bike again, have even done a 100km ride outside.


Hey Chris.
Glad you feel the same,and that it’s helped you so much back to recovery.
I found zwift after a work accident myself. It’s crazy how quickly you lose fitness. And I’m sure most would agree, without your health life becomes so different.