Non Zwift Crash - Thanks everyone x

It’s taken me a while but I thought I’d write to say a big thanks to Zwift (and most importantly, the rider community) for making my rehab journey far less boring.

In December 2021 I had a cycling accident and found myself stuck in hospital for 3 weeks after an operation to repair my broken leg (and arm) and then another month stuck at home before I could walk again, use stairs or even attempt to cycle on an indoor trainer.

Based on the recommendation of the physio, as soon as I was able to bend my knee enough to do a full rotation of the pedals, I had a set of wooden steps made to enable me to get up onto the saddle whilst still walking with a crutch.

Thankfully, having Zwift available whilst not being able to go outside was awesome. Being able to monitor the gradual improvements over time, comparing segment results, power increasing and times improving all contributed to making the rehabilitation process more interesting and compelling.

So thanks again Zwift. Keep up the awesome work, new worlds and routes!

That sounds like a nasty ordeal, Dave!
Glad to read that you’re well on your way to recovery.

What stands out in your post is an impressively positive outlook, which probably contributed a great deal to you being back on the pedals in quite a short period of time.
Much respect to you for your determination.

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