Cycling with injury

Anyone else cycling after severe injury, shattered my Tib and Fib in June on the ankle, have 2 plates and 10 pins holding ankle together. Used Zwift as rehabilitation whilst I was off work, but unable to use after I started back to work due to pain and swelling…have just got back on it during Christmas break, but think it will be a long road to recovery…

@Marcel_Kerrou that’s a tough injury to recover from, I wish you all the best in the process. The good news is you WILL get there. I know many people that have including one friend that is back to summitting the tallest mountains on the planet.

I shattered my Patella and did incredible damage inside the knee many years ago. Finally had to go to a total knee replacement that was very complex due to the metal already holding my knee together. It’s been a long road to recovery after each surgery. Even so, I’m back at it. We can recover from heinous injury. You’ll get there. Zwift will be a good tool to help in that process, just one of many.

Hi there,spent this year recovering from a displaced fracture of the pelvis (as well as an additional two pelvic fractures).Spent 12 weeks on crutches,6 weeks non-weight bearing,but managed to get on trainer after 9 days.Started off only able to turn legs over with no resistance for 5 mins a day and wearing two pairs of knicks because I fractured my right side sit bones.Zwift has been a life saver mentally and physically for the past 13 months.My physio, (also a cyclist),reassures me that pain is ok as long as you are not causing further injury and the endorphins from cycling help with the pain.Good luck with your recovery.And,as a side-note I’ve actually managed to ride 6000k and 76000m of climbing this year.Just take it slowly and don’t be too tough on yourself.

Thankyou Lois,

I have been 3 months non weight bearing and back walking for 3 months. The foot was also completely dislocated due to both bones being broken…I am slowly improving on Zwift, but still cannot stand up on pedals, stairs are also a nightmare…I’m told it can be up to a 2 year recovery and then the ankle will start to degrade shortly after :roll_eyes:

I broke my femur and trashed my knee falling from height.I have a full femur nail and spinal fusion. I’m back riding now but have CRPS in the leg due to nerve injury. I can feel your pain and frustration. I have good days and rough ones, but riding keeps me smiling and sane.
Keep at it buddy

I had a left knee meniscus repair back in November 2019, same knee I had ACL tear and platella fracture in previous years. The recovery was 6 months due to the type of meniscus tear (bucket handle) and surgeon decided to suture vs shaving off meniscus. I was in the process of physical therapy when covid started so I had to continue on my own and got into swift for recovery. Hang in there and swift will certainly help

I hope your recovery goes well, I also have a slight tear on my opposite knee to the broken ankle so have to be careful I don’t agrivate it…

Hi Marcel,

I had a similar injury when playing rugby years ago. It took me about a year until I could train properly again but each person recovers in different ways.

In terms of long lasting effects, my ankle remained weaker but any pain eventually went completely. That was about 20 years ago and I still play rugby now (well, sort of - lockdown prevents at the moment)!

Just be patient and don’t push too hard. It will recover to a point that you can train in a 'normal way. Always be minded to look after your ankle though… ice it if it swells, etc. Most importantly, listen to your consultant and physio!

Good luck

10 years ago, now almost to the day!! I had a heart attack. Ok, no big deal, go to hospital and surgeon put in 3 stents. Sounds good? What could go wrong? Well, in the process of inserting the catheter into my femoral artery, so that through this catheter he could place the stents, he punctured my artery. I felt so uncomfortable, feeling like I had to go pee, burning in my leg, pulsing feeling in my lower abdomen. Well, nothing was done, I basically passed out from blood loss (5 litres) and a lot of that blood went down following the path of my sciatic nerve which follows an unusual route through the piriformis muscle. (Most people it goes between the piriformis and the gluteous medias muscle above. That blood damaged my muscle and also caused nerve damage. So, all things being said, I can no longer walk comfortably, but I sure as heck can ride! So ride I do, even in winter when the snow flies. My pain specialist said that riding and swimming are probably 2 of the best exercises I can do. I have had my summer bike mounted on my trainer in winter months for extra riding, but never used it like I wanted to. Had great plans. Then finally a few weeks ago, I found out about Zwift. I tried it, I liked it, I had to get it, so I did, and I am still very new to it but I am loving it! So, I am another person with medical problems that can ride for therapy, and now I will. Thank you all

OMG David, glad you are finally OK, my injury is no where near as bad, but however I am struggling with it…my aim is to get back out on the roads, but am not sure when that will be…