Riding with injuries

So who on here is using zwift as a way to get back fit following serious trauma. Im currently trying with my thigh plated to hold together three complete breaks.
My tibia and fibula after loosing and regrowing 4” of bone held together still with an external fixator. I can cycle but not walk. But this app is very useful to actually help keep me motivated.

Wow, that’s amazing, good job!


Thankyou. Just trying to see if theres any others in a situation similar would be good to get talking to them and maybe ride with them. Add a little more incentive. I had 39breaks two compound. A rupured lung and spleen

Hi Max,

Sounds like you really had a bad one… hats off to your (speedy…) recovery.

Ride on!

Hoping that you have a complete and quick recovery. Glad to hear that Zwift is working or you and I hope that you find others to ride with.

Has a PT recommended cycling at home as a part of your recovery? Are you limited in the intensity or do you have the ok to go all out?
What other excercises are you doing?

Sadly im 11months in my hand still has bad nerve damage my wrist is still a little deformed and my leg still in 6-7 pieces technically but im hoping the exercise will really help speed up the healing process. Thankyou though.

Its only been a couple days of using it but it keeps me entertained and riding harder than just watching the km’s add up 0.1 at a time. I ride 10k everytime i attend physiotherapy and do more than that normally everyday on my bike. I also have to do leg raises. Use of a step and raising legs up etc stepping on and off both forwards and backwards. And many forma of wrist movement to try get full motion back.

Max, I’m so sorry this happened to you. I know what you’re going through. I shattered my tibia and fibula a year and a half ago. I was stuck in bed for six months after my accident and have had 7 surgeries to put me back together. I’m pretty much rehabbed now but I will never be the same. I was able to get back on my mountain bike last summer though and started Zwifting this winter to try and gain some more strength back. It’s really helped a lot both mentally and physically. My advice is to not give up keep fighting for every gain you can no matter how small.

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Cheers buddy its why i joined as i figured there must be alot of people found it useful to maintain interest to push harder go further and get stronger. Well glad for you youve been back mountain biking and sorry to hear its still a struggle at times but you know its just something you get on with sadly isnt it. Maybe if enough on here find this forum or we all know someone who has been in something like this. Recent or long ago we could organise a ride all together. Something sensible and reasonable but just to show support to others to and maybe get the name out there to help others make rehab more enjoyable

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Thanks Max. I mostly have been following the Zwift 12 week off season endurance plan to gain back some endurancec. It’s pretty low intensity at first but it’s sometimes still causes me some pain (not the good kind) due to some really long sessions. I noticed that The Herd has a “Rode to Recovery” group ride on Sundays at 10:45am MT not sure if that’s convenient for you in the UK. I’ve been meaning to check it out but Sunday doesn’t work for me right now.

Hi Max, how have you progressed recovering from injury?