Zwift whilst injured


looking some advice to a Zwift newcomer. Due to breaking a shoulder whilst running, I have signed up to Zwift to try and maintain fitness. I can cycle ok one armed - and have done 4 introductory programs. I an unlikely to be able to run for another 10 weeks or so - and have gone from running 6 days a week, 50-60 miles per week to zero hence jumping on the bike.

But I want to use the cycling to keep me in good shape for a return to running. Any pointers on the type of programme to sign up to - I bust my shoulder running a mountain ultra in August - and have signed up to do the same race in May, so need to give myself the best possible chance of returning to running in December in the best possible shape. I suppose the shorter workouts will replace intervals etc - but it’s the endurance that has me scratching my head. Is it likely just going to be - a longer, lower tempo cycle (say 2 hours) once a week?

Any pointers would be most welcome!


I think you’ll keep in shape generally with no problem, there are plenty of long steady group rides at various paces which might suit. Just whatever you enjoy to keep the cardiovascular system working. However I don’t think there’s any way you can really train for running by biking alone!

Returning to running, of course you’ll have to ramp up gently at first. I’m in a similar boat but not due to injury, been zwifting a year or so due to most running shutting down in UK. I will return to more serious running over the winter with a marathon planned for next spring. I’m fitting in occasional jogs for now and my legs are not in great shape for that but my aerobic fitness is probably as good as it’s ever been.

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Head over to click on Online tools then Event on Zwift. There you can slice and dice information on the oncoming weeks activities. Throughout the week there are various 100k rides and even some regular 180k plus. You will need to figure out what W/kg you can manage to hold for a ride of this duration. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

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thanks David - much appreciated.

Yeah - not looking forward to starting the running from a zero base but suppose if I focus on aerobic then that’s a good start! Thanks for the tips - good luck with your training.

looks like a nice ride tomorrow morning, 90mins with TeamZF so will give that a go as a starting point, recreational. Thanks again for the heads up David.

TeamZF has nice rides.


Don’t go too hard or you will hurt in places you didn’t know could hurt. Cut yourself some slack and quit part way through. Be careful, you are just might become Zwift addicted like the rest of us. :grinning:

Good Work Barry! Now you need to sign up for Zwift Power so you can see more information about your rides.

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