Zwift riding & post viral recovery

Hi everyone, my first post here and hoping you might be able to help!

I’ve just said goodbye to six month of post viral fatigue following Epstein Barr Virus (the pro cyclist virus of choice!) and Zwift has been excellent for getting me back in the saddle.

I want to avoid crash and burn so I’m keen to stick to base HR as I start the job of rebuilding some form. I’m tapping out the miles, slowly ticking off the route badges and I’ve also tried the D. Diesel pace partner which was good, but I’m wondering if there is anything else in game that can help me get the miles in at low HR?

Thanks in advance


Hi Ben, welcome to the forum!

If you´re fine with the D. Diesel pace partner you could try the numerous group rides offered in that range. In the companion app you can use the filter function in the events tab: Deselect all but D and deselect all but group rides. You´ll find numerous events. When you click on an event you´ll find more detailed information on the aim of the ride. You´ll have to try a few rides in order to find some that suit you, some keep a consistent pace, others don´t.

The great thing about group rides is that they are more entertaining than free rides and you can ride in a nice big blob and enjoy the draft. You just need to take care that you don´t fall out of the back of the group as it will be very hard to get back in. Ride on and have fun!

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Thanks Sepp, like it! Definitely something to break the kms up a bit.

Another boredom breaker is to set yourself up a 2 or 3 hour workout with appropriately low intensity. Then I grab a movie to pass the time by. You can tick off badges doing those as well.

Good to have variety to keep things interesting when doing low intensity rides.