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Hi all, Im new to zwift and having completed the 6 week race plan I rode my first race today. Ouch!! My question, or, advice im looking for is where to find a structured recovery ride - or is it a case of create my own. Many thanks.

Zwift workouts: Zwift Racing » Week 6 » 1. Mend | What's on Zwift? ?

Or if you want something more variable, there’s nothing stopping you picking another workout such as Zwift workouts: Less than 30 minutes to burn » Emily's Short Mix | What's on Zwift? , but then reducing your FTP in the Zwift settings so the workout remains inside your known z1… Just remember to adjust it back before doing your next training workout.

Or simply use Zwift workouts: 60-90 minutes to burn » 90min Riders Choice | What's on Zwift? (there’s versions of this at various time lengths) and manually pace your recovery without the terrain affecting resistance.

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Much appreciated, many thanks

You can always join a group ride at your recovery pace, you dont necessarily need a structured workout to recover. You just need to have the self discipline to ride easy, which can be hard sometimes :smile:


Also, depending on your w/kg, Diesel Dax pacer bot at 1.5 w/kg may be in your recovery zone.

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There’s really no such thing as a structured recovery ride. A recovery ride in itself is a bit of an oxymoron — it’s more a case of doing the minimal amount of work you can to satisfy the urge to do something without hurting your recovery.

If you feel like you need a recovery day, and it’s definitely good to listen to your body on that, ride <=45 minutes at <=45% FTP. You can create a workout for that if you like, or just pedal around.

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