Recovery Rides

I’d like some suggestions about Zwift recovery rides. I know there are recovery rides buried inside a training plan but those aren’t accessible unless you go through the plan (as far as I know). I suppose I could just do a free ride and pace myself power-wise and cadence-wise but I’d rather have it be a true “workout” with power and cadence targets to hit. And I’m not necessarily thinking just Zone 1 but maybe with some Zone 2 mixed in for variety. I know myself well enough to know if I try to do recovery by freeriding, I’ll end up seeing other cyclists in front of me and I’ll want to chase them down … yep, no self-control. I use Sufferfest and some of their recovery rides are free rides although some also appear to provide some variety of pace (and maybe power and cadence targets as well?) but all in Zone 1, I suspect (I’ve only used one or two of them … boring).

Any suggestions? I did a Zwift race yesterday and my legs are pretty beat up so I want a recovery ride today, and a “library” of recovery rides for the future. I’d rather do recovery on Zwift - much more entertaining.

Hi @PHarris

There may be some on Zwift (I did not do a search)
My suggestion is to make a workout or you could find one here.

I agree with all of your statements and I built my own.
After initial use the workout builder is quite good and quite easy to use.
You probably already know how but here’s the link.
I lead a 65 minute ride with a specific power stated. I wanted to see if we could do the 10 laps in time at the required pace so I made a 65 minute workout last night just to ride the volcano circuit. Took just a few minutes and I was riding!

Thanks, Gerrie. I actually did find a “slow twitch” ride on What’s On Zwift, buried inside a training plan. It was mostly zone 1 with some zone 2 and I replicated all the steps in a custom workout. Problem is, while I was able to copy all the power levels and time at each level, I wasn’t able to apply a cadence to each step - I suppose I can just make something up that would make it more interesting. When I search What’s On Zwift using “recovery” I get hundreds of workouts with the term “recovery” included in the workout description not necessarily in the workout title.

I didn’t want to do it but I guess I might have to - scan through the training plans until I find a workout inside a plan that’s a recovery ride. I’ve got to believe that any well thought out training plan will have recovery rides sprinkled throughout. I’ll just need to find them and replicate them as custom workouts.

It would be nicer if Zwift were to allow access to specific workouts within a training plan rather than having access to them only through a structured plan. That way you could just “click and go” with power and cadence targets already done for you.

I have the same self discipline issues.
I find that by pressing “G” and having the power graph on the screen helps me stay in the desired zone.

Thanks. I hadn’t thought of that but will give it a try. I’d still rather have someone do the thinking for me!!!