Add recovery ride(s) to workout mode

(Peter Huys ARR) #1

Is it possible to add some recovery ride workouts but yet  add some interaction.

Hereby I mean say 2 minutes 120 watt, 4 minutes 150 watt and so on.
Maybe even add the start of the long endurance zone.

That way it should be possible to create a workout which isn’t asking too much of the athlete and is somewhere between recovery and endurance.







(Tim Heffner (S9R p/b Vittoria)) #2

Yes please!  Zwift is great at motivating one to ride faster/harder.  But, it takes a lot of will power to do a recovery ride and avoid all the temptations.  Erg mode is the perfect tool.  If we can ever create our own erg routines, this type is #1 on the list.  

(Michael Henasey) #3

There are already free-rides in the workouts where you can go at your own pace. Once the workout builder is available you can program any recovery ride you wish using ERG mode. You can simulate this today by simply using the Wahoo app if you are using a KICKR.

(Peter Huys ARR) #4

The free-rides workouts are just blank rides. No interaction what so ever. Also I’m personally not interested in making my own workouts. Currently I’m using the 6 week FTP builder - week 1 - foundation workout as a kind of recovery ride.

Also by lowering my FTP it’s possible to ride other normally hard workouts and have some wattage changes during the ride.