New to Zwift - Question on "Workout" settings

I just got a wahoo kickr trainer after using the Tacx Fortius trainer for 9 years…I wanted to be able to do some of the virtual rides through the zwift app.

I’m currently struggling with Zwift and want to see if anyone knows how to overcome the settings that I seem to be struggling with. So any points, I’d really appreciate it!

Here’s what I’m finding…
As I do “workout” programs (like “Miracle” in the less than one-hour category), it won’t let me exceed a certain watt threshold at each interval. I just want there not to be a limit to the amount of watts I do at each interval…is that possible?

So here are my questions:

  1. What training “workout” programs do you do that don’t govern the watts at different intervals?
  2. Is there a setting to remove the wattage governor that I’m describing above?

I know there is a large Zwift community, and I’m sure someone has overcome this. Any points would be greatly appreciated!!!

Many thanks!

Hi Mike,

Not sure why you might want to do this as the objective of most workouts is to hold specific watts during the workout. These are as a percentage of your FTP. Typically the watts hold you in certain zones based on whatever your workout is targeted at,

There are some free ride (such as 45 mins or 60 mins) workouts called ‘riders choice’ which allow you to ride at whatever watts you want. ‘Miracle’ has 2 x 1 min free sprint efforts, but otherwise limits your watts.

You could also set the trainer difficulty to 0 - to minimise the hills for an easier ride - and just free ride. 100% training difficulty gives you the full hill effect.

Hope this helps.

Ride On.

You can turn off Erg mode when selecting the workout. This will then require you to shift to hit wattage targets rather than locking you into the prescribed values.


Links explaining erg mode:

  1. Is there a setting to remove the wattage governor that I’m describing above?
    Not that I know of however, you can adjust the intensity of the workout. In my experience you can adjust the difficulty, as you are in a set and it will make the change for the entire workout, that is, if you increase a set by 10% that shifts everything after +10%.
    This can be done using the “bias” feature in the Companion App App Bias and using the difficulty adjust in the game
    Game adjust
    One caveat is that I have not done a structured workout since the latest updates and, though I believe there should be something similar, I can’t guarantee these will work as I describe.
    Ride on,

John -

Thank you for the thoughts!

Due to 4 kids and a very busy schedule, I subscribe to the “time crunched” method of training and have for years (as I train for events … from Sprint to the Iron distance triathlons).

To press the effort a bit on harder intervals, I like to not be capped on my watts while pressing a max effort. Let’s just say that on my very 1st test ride (which prompted this post), I had A LOT more to give compared to where it held the watts…and, a really didn’t like that.

It sounds like making sure my FTP is calculated correct will make a big difference. And, I hear that not selecting the “ERG” mode will make a difference.

Thanks so much!

Stephen -

I will be giving the ERG adjustment a test on my next ride.

Thank you for the thought!


Jimmie -

Nice thoughts! Thank you for the links! I’ll look into those features!

I look forward to getting this figured out. The learning curve is more then I remembered on my Tax Fortius from 9 years ago! I’m sure there will be a day when I say that I love all the features…I am just day 2 in getting there.

Thanks so much!!

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Hi Mike,

No worries. I think having an accurate FTP will help. The theory goes that you shouldn’t have anything left after doing a hard session. If you have a lot left and can go harder, then I’d think your FTP may be a little low for the workout you’re using. I wish that was my problem!

Turning off ERG should help as the trainer won’t try and hold you to the specified watts. Zwift will nag you if you are over or under mind you.

You can also design and create your own workouts with whatever numbers you want. If you find that the Zwift offerings are too easy or too hard, or are not the workout you want, its very simple to create your own custom workout for time and intensity. Zwift have a guide to this feature. Have a look on Youtube for Zwift Custom Workouts (Zwift won’t allow me to post the link)

A few ideas for you to chew over.

Ride on - John

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