ERG seems on on every ride


Whenever i try a free ride i cant put more than 250 - 300 watts of effort. If i try to do so i can feel less resistance which ups my cadence. The same feeling on ERG mode. Even in the biggest gear Zwift will automatically lower the resistance when i try to push some watts. On hills i can push somewhat more watts.

As far as i know ERG is only possible in work outs. I cannot find a button to turn it off on the free rides. Its very frustrating as i always train at 115bpm now…

Can someone help me please?

Hi @Hielke_Boschma

Welcome to the forum.

I assume you mean a free ride where you pick a world and rid, not a workout that has a free ride block.

Can you please give us some information on your trainer and bike setup.

Hi Gerrie,

Yes, thats correct!
Im using a Wahoo Kickr Snap with my Specialized Allez since May 2022. At the beginning everything was fine.

Do you use a garmin head unit or anything else that might be trying to set a wattage target?

If so make sure nothing else is paired to the trainer and forcing it to hold a specific wattage.

If that isn’t the case could you send a screenshot of your pairing screen once you have everything paired?

No, I am using the smart trainer, the conpanion app and my polar h7 heartrate chestwrap.

The only thing I can think of is that is memorizes a pace partner tempo. I have once joined a pace partner ride.

I am zwifting again tomorrow. I will send a photo of the paired devices and maybe I can try to join the fastest pace partner ride there is. To test the powerlimit on free rides will increase. Maybe thats worth a try to test that.

I am having the same issue, this is not a Kickr issue.

Hi all, the problem has been solved. I have been away for a week and Zwift updated today. I have tried the A pace partner ride at 4.2 w/kg to try to push some watts. After that i did a free ride and pushed again and it didnt limit my power. I could go all the way. Dont know how it has been solved and for how long, but happy for now at the moment. Maybe you can try it too Erick.