Issues with wattage


Im getting a issue with the Watts and speed in race and free rides. The thing is, in Workouts its all fine i get the right amount of watts for the effort im putting in, but when im doing a Free ride/race i get like 60-100w when i normaly would be pushing 600-800w, with the same gear and cadence. This also happens in the FTP sessions, the warmup and such is all fine, but when i hit the 20min’s im going to do the FTP, i get the same problems as in Free ride/race’s. 

My trainer: Elite Realtour B+, im pairing over Ant+ and runing Zwift on my PC.

ERG gear and cadence cannot be compared to normal riding.  You can do 200 watts in any gear at any cadence in ERG mode, but in non-erg mode putting out 200watts in your smallest gear would be very difficult or impossible on a flat road.  

In non-erg modes you need to use a normal gear like you would outdoors. Big chainring up on the front, and something in the middle on the cassette.


Yh, well the problem is that this worked fine one day, i raced and it was all good, and the day after i used the Workout session i could not push over 100watts in free rides /races even if i have done it before. I could even push 1000 watts in Free rides /races using ofc the normal gearing as i would do outside, i would never ever try to push watts on flat road in my smallest gear. But if i try to push 1000 watts now in my biggest gear, i can only get 150watts. This is not they way it should be. 

I cant race like eveyone else do because of this, i get like 15kmh at max, and that is when i give it my all.

I did a race one day and it was fine, the next day i did a workout session and that was okey to. The day after i was doing a training race and this happend. Whitout changing any of the setting or anything else. 


I have a similar problem with a BKool Pro. It is fine for workouts. But for general riding I cannot generate any power / speed on the flats and get left behind.

Then when I get to a hill, the resistance increases, my power output goes up and I start passing the people who overtook me on the flat…

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