Custom Workout ERG - not proper wattage

Today I was trying to do a custom workout based on wattages. I started but realized my FTP wasn’t correct - so I exited, update the FTP and started again. The target for the warm up was supposed to be 180 watts, but the Zwift/Kickr combination would only hold it at 160 watts. 

Then when I got to the first interval that was supposed to be 265 watts it only did 160 watts. 

In both cases it didn’t matter what gear/speed/cadence I was at, it would only do 160 watts.

How do I fix this issue?

Hardware: MacBook Pro, Kickr, Bluetooth connection

I’ve hat Issues with the ERG mode as well. Twice trying to do an FTP test – I would get through the warmup but after one of the intervals the wattage would just be way off, displaying like 50 or 60W while, judging from my HR and felt effort I was closer to 150. This also happened within self-created workouts: after a hard interval with low cadence the rest interval was just “broke”. It displayed 120W as it should, yet the estimated power I had to use to push those 120W was rather 150+. 

Whats going on here? 


Using Elite Rampa with Ant+ on a Windows PC.