Incorrect Wattage during workouts?

Hey guys,
Sorry if this is redundant. I’ve mostly been doing Free Rides since I enjoy riding longer distances at my leisure. However a couple of times I’ve tried some workouts. However, when I’m in the middle of a workout when it asks me to go from 100w, to 150w, to 200w things get weird.

My cadence and effort at 100w remains the same when increasing to 150w, and even to 200w when the workout asks for me to hit those marks. I even almost stop pedaling at certain points and it still has me gliding at those wattages. It only goes to 0w when i come to a complete stop, and as soon as I start pedaling I spike up to whatever wattage the workout wants me to be at.

I do a spin down on my wahoo kickr snap (through their app), and even a spin down on the zwift client.

Am I just being a dummy?

Hey Jeff, do you have ERG mode turned on for your workouts? Our support article on ERG mode has info for turning that on if you’re not already in that mode.

I would assume that it is on if default is set to on. Sorry I’ll have to check the next time I ride.

I would check now but I’m away on holiday. So I should have ERG enabled during a workout?

It is on by default. Most people do workouts with it on, but there may be situations where you prefer to have it off, such as if your trainer doesn’t adjust resistance quickly, or if you want to manage your power yourself.