Training plans and free rides

I have been in a rut lately not seeing much improvement, so I signed up for a training plan. That seems to have done the trick - this is an awesome feature. I especially like the pacing of the workouts you put in.

The plan I am following has some free rides. I thought I would be able to attend one of my regular group rides in zwift and have it counted as a free ride, but that didn’t actually work. It would be awesome if you somehow could make it possible to connect these two things. I get that probably messes up your data structures, but it seems to me like a thing people would want to do.

Be interesting to see the answer to this, as I have exactly the same question.
I’m doing the 4 week FTP booster, and there’s a ride each week that is 1hr ‘free ride’.

I do the rides in order and want to do the hour ride, but would like to arrange a ‘meet up’ so I can cycle with friends for the hour and it still count as the session for that day

When you go and look at your training plan in Zwift you can select the “I did It” button and do whatever ride you like as a replacement. It is up to you to be honest of course, that you did it at the requested level of effort.

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Ah, right. I was fooled by the different feature sets in the companion app and the app proper.

Awesome, and thank you so much for the help! My OCD is now much happier about things.

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