Paced Rides

I was very impressed with the Variety of and amount of events on Zwift. However due to the great variances in my fitness after cancer treatment and the times when I can actually use Zwift, I have a request. I would like to be able to plan a ride of a set distance and pace and either have a pace rider for me to follow or perhaps even a fence for me to follow.
Even when there is a ride at a time that suits me and also they watts per kilo when a ride is posted at 1.6 to 2.0 watts per kilo it is never that accurate however good the ride leader is
Thanks for reading

Have you thought about creating your own workout with your desired w/kg output? A workout would obviously remove the gradient feedback through your smart trainer but a benefit would be steady output. Workouts would be a set time rather than distance which might also suit you during your recovery.

I’m sure others will be along with their own ideas shortly.

Good luck with your recovery and return to fitness.


Many thanks for taking the time to reply

I will try this tonight, so I guess I will have to watch my speed or watts on the display?

Make sure you do a quick search and vote up the request for Ghost rider and personal bot.

If you use a PC for Zwift you can build your own workouts with an external app. Do a search for Zwift workout creator. Save your workout to the workout folder in the Zwift directory.

With a workout the terrain changes are negated and your smart trainer regulates the power. So, let’s say you want to work for 10 minutes at 150 watts. Your trainer will regulate the resistance applied to ensure you do 150 without you having to change gear.

There are also some very light workouts available within Zwift. Check the ‘whats on zwift’ website And search for recovery workouts.

Lastly, there is a wealth of information on a site called Zwift Insider. So have a browse through that site for hints, tips and other great ways to use the platform.