Building custom workouts, by distance or time, not just time

I would like to be able to build a workout that lets me select a distance (i.e. 100Km).

So that I can ride a zone x for x Km, recover and ride another zone for x Km, to help build my endurance


Hi Jonh,

Thanks a lot for your suggestions, I’ll add them on the request list and will see if other people will vote it up so we can put it onto our radar. 

In meantime you can simply turn your trainer resistance all the way down and so you won’t be effected by the terrain and ride as far as you want at any given wattage. 

Ride On!

Would be very nice be able to plan a workout using distance, cadence ou bpm too

I also would like to build distance, but Zwift tires me out before I can get as far as I want!

Being able to set workouts by distance rather than time would be very useful.

I could then create a virtual copy of one of my climbs or routes, on which I could try to improve my times over the SET distance/grade.

A Library of climbs could be built.

Is this still not an option?
I’d really like to plan my workouts by distance instead of time.