Possibility to use HR zone and distance intervals on created workouts?

Everything is in the title.
My coach does not only make me work in Watts, but also in HR Zone, and sometimes over distance blocks, and sometimes both (example: 3 * 5km @ 145bpm).
It would be great to be able to create this type of workout right on Zwift.
I think Iā€™m not the only one who wants this, please Zwift save my confinement :smiley:

Never heard of a coach now days using distance, especially for indoor training.

I agree with HR, but not the distance.

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Thanks Paul for your answer.
However, I was not expecting an opinion on the methods of my coach. He was 70.3 world champion so I trust him. And normally these trainings are to be done outside, but in France we are confined.
If you find my request useful (at least for HR zones), please vote :slight_smile:
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The reason I am against the distance is you could start an interval going up an incline (virtual or IRL) and it would be much longer in terms of time compared to one going down an incline (virtual or IRL).

ALL the training programs I have done (I have done some from a 6x IM WC and a 3x IM WC and looked into a lot of others) and they were ALL effort (HR, power or perceived effort) and time based. That goes for indoor and outdoor training.

I would like to know why your coach using distance instead of what ALL other coaches are doing.