I'm injured and missing zwift

Just before Christmas I injured me knee out walking and since then I have been unable to walk let alone cycle so Zwift is looking like a distant dream at the moment.

I had started to moan a bit about silly bugs or glitches and now the fact I can’t use it i really miss it and appreciate what it is, i guess you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone!

I know the bugs are annoying but believe me no zwift is much worse!

Show Zwift some love!

How frustrating! Hope you heal up soon.

Thanks, my speed on crutches is greatly increasing!

Any chance of a running avatar on crutches? haha

Wishing you a speedy recovery Chris.

100% right there. Indoor training has never been so good.
Keep up the good work Zwift.

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thanks, my knee teases me into thinking it is getting better but then will be back to it’s painful worst again!

it’s nothing too serious so hopefully another couple of weeks and i’ll be back!

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Hi @Chris_Holton, I hope your knee heals quickly and you are riding again soon! I would miss Zwift terribly if I couldn’t ride. I am one of the many having the “no connection” hear rate monitor problem, which is less than ideal, but I can’t really get as upset as some do because Zwift is currently the only way I can really ride and I love seeing all the people. I love Zwift and hope to see you back out there as soon as possible!

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Take the time to heal up, rehab and/or strengthen your knee so that when you do return it’s not short-lived.



Still not been able to walk without pain yet let alone Zwift. This is taking a long time to heal.

cold do with a zwift coffee shop as an additional world where all the injured people can just log in and sit there not on a bike and chat!

Heart rate monitors could be used to determine the strength of the coffee people are drinking! haha


I feel your pain. I’m dealing with an IT band problem in both knees stemming from doing the PRL Full route for the Rapha Festive 500 last month. No racing. No hard riding. Days off. No riding Ireland. Life is without color… :unamused:

Ooooh, I love the coffee shop chat idea! I often cycle through the cities and think about stopping for coffee - if only it were possible :smiley: :coffee:! I’ve also thought that someday someone should make a giant Zwift theme park, which would be a cycling paradise of Watopia routes with no cars allowed. While I’m fantasizing, I may as well go big :wink:.

still off zwift but have been walking without crutches for the past few days so i’m hopeful things are improving.

Missing Zwift (even people moaning about the bugs and things makes me long for the day when i’ll be as annoyed by the silly little details too! Gradient graph in London anyone?! haha!)

It is true what they say - you don’t know what you’ve got till it is gone!

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resurrecting this.

I had my first post injury ride last Saturday, the injury took longer to heal than I thought. I have done a few other rides since then and it is good to be back - they even allowed saves without exit while I was off, who’d have guessed that!

My heart rate is loads higher for the same effort now than before and still a bit of pain in the knee post ride so taking it easy for now but it is good to be back.


Glad to hear you are back. Take it steady and I’m sure the HR will subside to normal levels.

Ride On!

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Hi @Chris_Holton ! I didn’t see this until today, so welcome back! I’m glad to see that you are well on the mend and are riding again. My husband had a knee injury almost 6 weeks ago so I know how hard it is to be patient while healing. Hope to see you out there! Ride On!

Thanks. I ti is good to be back, i thought it would only be a couple of weeks but ended up being 3 months off but definitely better to be over cautious and not risk injury again.

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