Structure in recovery

Hi there , I’m in a situation that has set my bike riding back for a while and think there is a way this platform can help me and lots of other people from leisure riders up to pro racers.
Four weeks ago I had a total hip replacement surgery. This was my second operation and I had my other hip replaced Seven years prior.
Recovery from my first surgery was good and I managed to return to cycling after around 10 weeks ( gently) . I physically felt strong but always aware of my new upgrades.
Jump forward seven years and here I am again with upgrades.
My points for discussion are is there a way I can use this platform to aid my recovery in a supportive environment where people who have experience in dealing and developing people who had had major surgery?
Some pro racers undergo surgery and return to high levels of performance and endurance. This is what I would like to achieve. The coaches and support staff around these people must have strategy to facilitate this. I would love to be able to return to cycling asap but my physio is somewhat general and slow . A specific training program/ session on Zwift could help people like me who need support on their return.
I hope this is something the platform will engage in as I think it’s potential a great feature to aid and support their members.
Thanks in advance Steve

Just to add . I was back pedalling 13 days post operation albeit on a spin bike . The lowest height for step through enables me to get in position to pedal. There is no way without a hoist I could currently get on my regular bike . I am up 45 mins with resistance added. Ride on

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Hi @Steve_Duroe6380 , like yourself I had a hip replacement at the start of January 2019 due to breaking it in a cycling accident, I started using a basic wheel on trainer in conjunction with Zwift after about 6 weeks, this helped me get the legs moving nicely and after another 4 weeks the physio who was attending me said I can see no reason why you can’t get out riding locally on the roads, which ended up being a regular 12 mile round trip to a local pub.

I should say that when the physios came and saw me on the ward the day after the op, I turned round and told them their mission was to get me back on the bike ASAP as I’d got a 100KM local sponsored ride I wanted do in June followed by doing the Dunwich Dynamo at the start of July both of which can be seen I completed, that year I went on to do over 7000 miles on the bike, both on zwift and outdoors, so I guess I’ve got a couple of bits of advise to give you:

  1. take it steady to start and listen to your body
  2. have a specific target to aim for like a local ride of a decent distance

Heal well, and here’s wishing you a full and speedy recovery

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Thanks for taking the time to reply Martin and well done on your rides . What I am aiming at really is to see if Zwift can access top physios and training plans that could help people like us through the platform.
I took on all the advice and physios strategies on my first hip operation Seven, years ago . My physiotherapist had worked with team Sky riders at the time and was excellent.
This time around there is a different approach to physio therapy which includes telephone consultations.
I am 56 retired and hoping to get back to a decent FTP . I think Zwift could offer something that is not currently out there for people on other platforms.
Thanks again Martin keep pushing the pedals


Steve, great Idea, I was 60 when I had mine done

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