Having an Incredibly good time in Zwift!

I’m a brand new user to Zwift and I just wanted to say that I find the program not only incredibly beneficial, but a ton of fun!

On rainy days, riding the rollers or a trainer indoors just staring at telemetry data on the bike computer is mind-numbingly boring and inspiration killing for me.

The first time I rode Zwift I asked it to “surprise me” with the route and of course it chose the Col de Zwift route up the mountain LoL!  It was a painful first experience, but one I KNOW with certainty I would have ditched fairly quickly had it been simply resistance training on the trainer.

I Zwift staring at that road winding up the mountain and somehow it alters your state of mind (or mine at any rate) so that simply put, I could not stop till I reached the summit.  As my legs burned in protest my thinking was along the lines of “Just one more switchback, ok, just one more… ok this is the last one, Oh! there’s the summit! Can’t give up!”

Focusing in the distance and seeing that arch with the red flag at the summit made me sudden;y ride out of the saddle even though my legs were screaming, and push over the top! 

Had this been a training session where I was just following an FTP percentage target and a diminishing distance number or timer couting down I would be more apt to find it just a matter of doing the minimum.

Seeing riders ahead of me and jumping from wheel to the next to finally sail over the top to the descent was literally a triumph to the point where I raised my hands in the air for a moment LoL!

Looking forward to many many more rides and miles!


Sounds like you’ve had a beast of an introduction. Glad to hear that you were able to rise to the unexpected challenge!

Ride On!

Hi David,

I agree with your post, it is loads of fun. Hope to see you on the road.



What a great post, David. I couldn’t agree with you more! Keep it up; it just keeps getting better. I’ll watch for you on the road.

Ride On!