After 1 month of Zwift

(Rob Gayle) #1

Logged a bunch of km’s, posted some feedback but don’t think I’ve yet said…

Zwift is AWESOME!!

Your hard work is appreciated.
Thanks for the opportunity to participate.

(Chris Hayward (B)) #2

Couldnt agree more.

Absolutely-freaking-amazing. I have never looked forward to the trainer – i have seen serious results from it (via trainerroad), and i know what hard work is, but I have never looked forward to it.

I couldnt wait until i could jump on zwift today.

And i can only imagine what it will be like when an actual race will happen. Everyone lined up on the start line on some map… a countdown on… heart starts beating… oh man, theres lots of pain and PR’s ahead

(Noel Nunkovich *USMES*) #3

Well said. And it’s this good with just a 5km course!

(Matt Van Nus KISS (C)) #4

It is tonnes of fun, even in this beta stage and ridding the same 5k loop. I already get the competitive juices going seeing familiar names on my tail or just ahead of me on the hill. So much potential. .

(Jürgen Waldick ZRG) #5

Agreed, this is a blast to ride. Can’t wait until they expand the world.
Great job guys!!!

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #6

Thanks, everyone! Everyone works really hard to add new features, fix issues, and try and give you the best experience possible. They’ll all be very psyched to read this thread :slight_smile:

(Eric Eddy) #7

Easily the best thing ever to happen to an indoor trainer. Here’s to more route options and longer loop.

Alp d’Huez anyone?

(Trevor Dias) #8

+1. Seriously top work only problem is that there is no such thing as an easy leg spin on the turbo anymore. Very soon turns into a balls out, bleeding eyeballs, sweat drenched session. :wink:

(Ian Montgomery) #9

Couldn’t agree more. I loath riding in the basement, but with Zwift, it actually makes it enjoyable. Zwift is Awesome!