First Impressions

Cheers all,

I have been a Zwifter now for about a week and do think its great. It’s been raining here a lot so this gives me my daily training. I’ve noticed I’m going slightly faster on Zwift than out on the roads. I’m guessing this comes due to the lack of wind on Zwift. 

2nd thing I’ve noticed are some people hammering out ridiculous w/kg and holding it for a tremendous amount of time. I can just laugh about things like that. The only one you’re cheating is yourself and nobody is impressed by that. People like that crack on the slightest climb in real world. They also remind me of the tail gators that tail along forever and then want to attack when the road rises. LMAO…I always blow them of my back wheel as soon as we hit a climb.

Cheers folks

Thanks for the impressions and kind words, Andre!

And, it’s true, we do not have head-winds on Zwift. It’s possible you were getting pulled via drafting at points as well!

Hi all

I used to ride my trainer rolls free and confess,  it’s hard to keep it ! The feeling is very similar to the real ride, the data on the screen and the sprints also give you chance to improve your training.

The interface when you start a ride, could be easier to find the places were you want to ride on.

Yesterday after training, I made a mistake by clicking on the Delete button, perhaps this was caused by the position at the cell phone screen it is in the same place that the stop button ( previous screen).

Unfortunately the trial time is over and I can not test other rides and possibilities anymore.