First impression and suggestions

(. WattBikeR..) #1

I’ve been zwifting for a week now and I’m thrilled. My daily hour on my homebike passes a lot quicker than it used to be. Even if I want to train a bit less and slower, it just doesn’t work. I keep being tempted to sprint, ride a fast lap or just to follow someone who comes alongside you. A great game! My compliments.
Here are just a couple of suggestions that I would like:

  • I would prefer to see the real watts instead of watts per kg of my fellow cyclists. And when someone catches up with you, beside just showing the name, I would add the weight and age.
  • The possibilty to ride a time trial with lauching ramp and no drafting. And of course leaderboard.
  • A possibility to have a split view on the screen. For instance a normal view combined with the chopper view or side view.
  • An hourly start of a bunch race with drafting of about 30%, dropping to zero if you’re more than 10 metres behind. That way breakaways should become possible. And finish with a bunch sprint.

I’m looking forward to all the possibilities this game is offering.

(Noel Nunkovich *USMES*) #2

Just because I’m curious, what’s your thinking with regard to the raw wattage being displayed vs. watts per kilogram?

(. WattBikeR..) #3

I was thinking when I ride outside and I meet another rider the first thing I like to know is how strong he is (watts). Then, if I am riding in a hilly terrain, I assess how much he weighs, so I know if I can follow him uphill. Because most of Zwift Island is reasonably flat, I reckon to know the watts (3 or 5 second average) is more informative for me. Then when someone overtakes me and I get next to his name also his weight, I can decide to follow him or not and how much watts that will take of me on the flats and uphill.