FTP fitness-A Testimonial

I don’t know if this post belongs here or not, but I need to gush. I used to race on my 20’s and 30’s and was oober fit. Life took over and long story short, I went into my 6th decade on this planet 35lbs overweight and no longer even fitting on my bike (or anything else for that matter)… I finally got tired of tight clothes and feeling awful, so I got a new bike, spent a bucket of time and effort, dropped 25lbs and felt better, but I still sucked wheel on a bike. I was so slow. It made me feel old.

In March, when the US shut down, I signed up for a free month of Zwift. I was hooked. I trained 5x/week, and spent 6 weeks doing the FTP training. I dropped another 8 lbs. It was brutal (especially the races.) but really fun! I raised my ftp 11points.

This week, for the first time since last fall, I could get out on the road and for the first time in 20 years, at the ripe old age of 61, I totally DUSTED my spouse on every hill. I can’t believe how easy the hills were compared to last year. Zwift really works! Thank you all Zwifters who are so kind during the workouts and thanks for creating such an amazing…world.

Do I get a commission for this? Asking for a friend. :blush:

Hi @Marcia_Blanco

That is awesome to here. Zwift really take the boredom away from riding in the trainer.

Thanks for sharing.

RIDE ON :ride_on:

Well done!
I have an older Life Fitness IC7. A lot of discussion on forums about connecting it to Zwift. It works just fine on Bluetooth (and iPad). But you must be in a Quick Start program to ensure Watts and Cadence values are actually broadcast to iPad. Excellent work to all involved. S

Great idea man thanks keep it up all the time. am very happy to see your standard.

What a great report . I too am new to Zwift, doing the FTP builder training course after recently purchasing a Kickr Snap. I’m going to try the group rides too, but general fitness is my goal so I’m not looking to ride up steep mountains just yet. Maybe eventually I’ll enter a race or two.
Good to know that the FTP training plan works. I’m starting low enough so it surely must go up.