What to do after the 4 week FTP challenge

I’ve biked a fair bit, but I’ve been on Zwift for about 5 weeks now (I basically bought my Wahoo setup a week before the country went on full lock-down - possibly the best decision I’ve made since China turned off Wuhan and I thought “maybe I should sell a bunch of shares…”).

Anyway… I pretty much immediately jumped in to the 4 week FTP challenge, and went from 220 (and having to pause a teensy bit in a few workouts) in week 1 to blowing up a volcano in week 3 on an “endurance” ride and the app deciding that my FTP was 251 all of a sudden. And actually not cheating at all, and adding a few percent on some rides. Although notably not on “sub-threshold XX #2” tonight - dear god that hurt.

Anyway - the FTP test is in a few days and I’m pretty sure I can hit somewhere a little beyond 260, which is approaching decent for my aging ass, but where to go from here? I’ve been on precisely one group ride ever (a B++ ride, which convinced me that although I am in good shape, I am not in that good shape, and that maybe I needed a rest night), and I’m not sure I like people.

Any suggestions about where to go from here? I could just head straight back to the start and do another round of FTP boosting, but I figure I may be missing out on some social aspects. Or maybe not, and there are some other interesting “proper” training sessions out there. Really not sure - looking for suggestions.


For me I mainly do races. Register with the zwiftpower website and have a go at upskilling your racing.

The other thing I like to do is try and get sprint, KOM or route jerseys. Or just beating 30 day PBs on segments.

I’m not a huge fan of workouts but the one program I have done a few times is the zwift academy program.